Our massages are customized to address the specific concerns of your body and overall wellness. Please advise the spa concierge of the benefits you’d like to achieve from your massage and allow us to recommend the therapist and technique for you.

25 minutes |$75              50 minutes |$120           80 minutes |$165

Still Spa Signature Massage

A complete top to toe relaxation journey like nothing else. This incorporates scalp massage, exfoliation, stretches and body massage that replicate the movement of the sea combining both effective & stimulating movements. To achieve an ultimate sensory experience this treatment is offered in 80 minutes only.

Traditional and Therapeutic Massage Therapies 

Relaxation Massage 80 | 50 minutes
Therapeutic Massage 80 | 50 minutes
Hot Stone Massage 80 | 50 minutes
Couples Ritual Massage 80 | 50 minutes
Maternity Massage* 80 | 50 minutes
Youth Massage (Ages 7-17) 50 minutes
Target Massage 25 minutes


*Recommended for women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester.